One of the answers to global warming that the majority of people never think about is building green. When you design and construct construction projects according to environmental reasons you are building green. Since the total emissions of fractional co2 in the country is primarily given off by houses, then construction using green principles will have an impact on global warming. Since houses inside the United States give off around 38% of the country’s carbon dioxide emissions, any way to reduce this figure down will be a beneficial thing.

Comfortable living is one thing, but cutting down on the required energy is another, therefore finding ways to do so is a necessity. There are many ways to do it like using fast growing bamboo and straw instead of wood to construct places of residence. On top of that, buying materials closer to where you will build will cut the emissions when supplies are delivered. An example is to work with stone from your own area in lieu of importing them. Another option is to used recycled items, such as wood from an older home. Cutting down too many trees adds to global warming, so anything that keeps trees from being cut down will help the situation.

Heating and cooling your home is also a variable in global warming. One basic way to heat the home is definitely to build the house so that it can get the maximum amount of sunlight. It can additionally have the windows positioned where the wind blows through, naturally cooling the home. Having your home set up to produce passive solar energy to cool down or heat the home will minimize greenhouse emissions. A very simple way to better deal with heating and cooling in your home is appropriate insulation. The insulation is likely to keep your home warmer in the winter season months and cooler in the summertime.

For most eco-friendly houses the main heating source, along with cooling source, originate from hydropower, solar power, or wind power. These kinds of energy resources will have little impact on global warming while efficiently keeping the home cool or warm. There are a large number of groups and organizations in the United States that are inviting people to build or renovate homes to be more eco-friendly. There is a non-profit group that devotes its time to endorsing eco-friendly building approaches. This is a group of men and women from the building sector and they are part of the Green Building Initiative.

There are a number of reasons for doing green building, but the number one reason is to help minimize greenhouse house emissions. If green building can potentially slowdown greenhouse emissions, then it’s about time that all houses be built as green houses. Right now there needs to be more of an effort  to make people  be more aware  of  the natural environment.

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